LOT School 2015 – Experimental Semantics and Pragmatics


Rick Nouwen (r dot w dot f dot nouwen at uu dot nl)

Yaron McNabb (y not mcnabb at uu dot nl)

Days and Times

Monday through Friday, 19-23 January, 2015, 11:15-13:15.


University of Amsterdam, P.C. Hoofthuis, Spuistraat 134, Amsterdam.

Course description

This seminar provides an introduction to experimental semantics and pragmatics, and surveys the recent surge in experimental studies to test theoretical predictions in studies of meaning. We examine the motivations for doing experiments and discuss the importance of psychological validity to contemporary theoretical approaches. We will discuss a series of case studies which illustrate how experimental techniques have provided insights into widely-discussed issues in theoretical semantics and pragmatics, focussing on quantifiers, vagueness, gradability, intensification, scalar implicature and modified numerals.

Day-to-day program

Monday, 19 Jan. 2015: General introduction: empirical methods in semantics and pragmatics (Krifka 2011, Bott et al. 2011, Schwarz 2014, Noveck & Reboul 2008LOT 2015 Lecture 1 notes

Tuesday, 20 Jan. 2015: The semantics of quantifiers (Glanzberg 2008, Koster-Moeller et al. 2008, McMillan et al. 2005, Szymanik 2007LOT 2015 Lecture 2 notes

Wednesday, 21 Jan. 2015: Vagueness in gradable predicates and degree modifiers (Kennedy & McNally 2005, Kennedy 2007, Syrett et al. 2009, McNabb 2011LOT 2015 Lecture 3 notes

Thursday, 22 Jan. 2015: Scalar implicature (Grice 1975Katsos 2008, Doran et. al 2009, 2012, van Tiel et al, in prep.LOT 2015 Lecture 4 notes

Friday, 23 Jan. 2015: Modified numerals (Geurts & Nouwen 2007, Cummins & Katsos 2010, Geurts et al. 2010, Coppock & Brochhagen 2013, McNabb & Penka 2014, Marty et al. 2014LOT 2015 Lecture 5 notes


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